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2009-03-05 08:08:16 by vampiricLLAMA

Heya newgrounds!

I was inspired by Hopeku's 30 songs in 30 days project, and after talking to him, it seems like it would be a good idea, in order for me to progress musically, to do something similar. So, starting tomorrow I'll be working on....

Llama's Big BIG Project Thingy! Dun Dun DUN!

I don't know what genres it will span in reality, but my goal is to have at least one song in every genre on newgrounds, crossed with what I know and then adding in some of the things I learn on each song to the next one, Acid Classical? Probably. Goa Jazz? Maybe... Disco Metal? Probably not lol. But I'll be trying crazy stuff like that just to see what my creativity limits me to (or doesn't). :D

I'll be doing a song every day for 30 days starting on Saturday because I've got a really hectic rest of the week, but next week will calm down so I'll have alot more time to dedicate to writing.

Til then, don't get classy on me newgrounds!



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2009-03-28 20:42:21

i was also thinking about doing something similar, but i figured that i should come up with my own thing :P

hope this goes well for you. you might come up with some good days!