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2010-02-04 18:44:20 by vampiricLLAMA

I got a PM a few days ago from Artist Craze Media (A net-label), asking me to sign with them, I did, and woohoo! It CAN happen people! I didn't think so either until now, but there ARE people watching newgrounds, looking for anyone who stands up from the crowd, so keep going!

I'll still be submitting to newgrounds, so don't worry if that's what you were thinking.



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2010-02-04 19:57:42

You must know what it means...right?

vampiricLLAMA responds:

Is that a rhetorical question? Define "it".


2010-02-06 19:32:38

I'm not jealous. What makes you think that? Me? Jealous? No....;)

vampiricLLAMA responds:

haha, don't be, it hasn't been much so far... in fact i'm not doing anything differently : /