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Back in the groove!

2009-02-06 16:13:20 by vampiricLLAMA

Finally back to making music, and it feels like I'm getting much better at goa, up to you guys to figure out if it SOUNDS like it :P


addicted to wow XD

2008-12-23 22:26:15 by vampiricLLAMA

havent been making much music lately, i got hooked on wow again : /

come visit me!

Slamshot - Lv 80 Undead Warrior - Aszhara PvP

Slow week...

2008-09-25 21:16:37 by vampiricLLAMA

Hm... Nothing much to report today... Finished Hypotech and a 10-minute challenge song but nothing else really... Hopped up on caffeine! Bleh ok thats all for now :)


Just finished Conspiracy, a progressive trance song based around a matrix sound file, and I'm currently working on a new goa song which i havent come up with a title for yet : /

Oh! I now have a myspace for those who care: sic

Drop me a line and add me to friends :)

Stay tuned newgrounds, I'm not going anywhere :P



2008-09-04 04:36:20 by vampiricLLAMA

FINALLY! It's finished! My first GOA trance song! YAY! Check it out and lemme know what you think! Don't forget to review and rate! :D

Working on a new song!

2008-08-11 15:23:17 by vampiricLLAMA

Currently working on a new Goa trance song entitled "Llama's Can't Fly" look forward to it in the next couple days! (this one is gonna be long and complicated -_-)